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Voltix Services Ltd

Smarter Business negotiates supply contracts to 94 sites, finding solutions to solve business water and energy challenges and securing £150,000 in savings.

Offering a comprehensive facilities maintenance service, Voltix Services partnered with Smarter Business to consolidate the water and energy contracts for a large property management client.

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Partnering for services and savings

Voltix Services provides facilities maintenance services across a range of sectors. With a team of experienced engineers and technicians performing a full-spectrum range of services for the ongoing maintenance of systems, their services include energy management as part of their value-added offering. The company has been operating for four years and offers its services throughout the home counties and the South East. The head office is in West Sussex.

Finding solutions to solve business water and energy challenges

Voltix Services manages the facilities maintenance for a property management company in the UK, comprising over 94 sites. Managing Director of Voltix, Brian Sydney, was tasked with finding solutions to consolidate their energy and water contracts across all this key client’s commercial sites. “They also required us to put their contracts out to tender to obtain a non-biased, comprehensive price comparison across all energy and water suppliers, as well as a number of new meter installations. In addition, they required bill validation services and tenant re-billing to be done through the sub-metering service that Voltix provides,” said Brian.

Where time strategy is central to business strategy, outsourcing to the experts becomes a common-sense approach

Across this number of sites, Brian saw the value in partnering with Smarter Business and making use of their expertise in meeting their client’s requirements and consolidating an energy strategy that reflected positively on Voltix. “I’m sure you can imagine that dealing with multiple suppliers for various energy and water contracts is a time-consuming job. We have clients all over the country to whom we provide maintenance services and we spend a lot of time on reactive maintenance. Time is something we do not have a lot of so, when Smarter Business told me they could consolidate and manage all of the energy and water contracts as well as validate historical invoices and claim any overspend, I was thrilled. Smarter Business was able to ensure the supply of energy and water to over 94 sites was managed efficiently and that the transition from the previous management service provider went smoothly. They also managed to procure a savings of £150,000. Since handing over the energy and water contracts to Smarter Business, we haven’t had any of the problems we had experienced in the past.”

Offering transparency and levels of choice, Smarter Business’s ethos makes them a natural partner

Smarter Business takes the time to understand every business’s unique requirements, which – together with longstanding supplier relationships – accounts for their ability to provide exceptional advice and perfect-fit contracts. Their customer-centred culture translates into a transparent service, with exceptional levels of choice to ensure their clients get the most out of their utilities contracts. This is something Brian experienced in working alongside Smarter Business to find the best solution for this key client.

Smarter Business provides the full package of energy and water procurement services. They’re governed by the underlying goals to save businesses money and find solutions to solve business water and energy challenges. This begins with the recommendation process, where a dedicated account manager will produce a recommendation pack for the client which will include information on the current market, an overview on corporate contract options, and other relevant details. Smarter Business were able to provide bill validation and tenant re-billing for 94 electric meters, 23 gas meters, and 30 water meters. Smarter Business and Voltix Services complement each other through the services they provide to customers of all sizes. Regular meetings ensure processes and procedures run efficiently and that any potential issues that may crop up are dealt with promptly.

Removing impediments to success with Smarter Business

Their solutions to solve business water and energy challenges and exceptional customer experience has resulted in an on-going affiliation between Voltix Services and Smarter Business – and a crucial element of this lies in their performance when things don’t go as planned. “Smarter Business’s reputation for transparency is evident through their constant communication along the journey. The service they provide is open and friendly and response time to queries is minimal – professionally dealt with by capable and knowledgeable people. They are reliable and the manner in which they confidently deliver their services and expertise makes the business highly recommendable,” says Brian. “The partnership has developed and grown over more than 12 months and is at a stage where the services provided are confidently executed. The full package provides ongoing savings, not only in monetary value, but in time and also in ensuring energy and water efficiency.”