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Bed Linen for Case Study: Woodgrange Laundry - Smarter Business

Woodgrange Laundry

Smarter Business secures £30,000 savings on Woodgrange’s corporate energy contract.

Bringing expertise and a solutions-driven approach to the issues experienced by Woodgrange Laundry, Smarter Business Group has built an ongoing relationship with the company built on transparent and holistic customer service.

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Finding solutions. Devising and implementing strategy for savings

Woodgrange Laundry is a high-end commercial laundry with several branches across London, catering to a range of clients including London’s professional institutions, royalty, and celebrities. Their appeal to their clientele lies in their attention to detail and high customer service standards. As they are part of an energy-intensive industry across multiple sites, obtaining the right utilities contract for their unique requirements is critical to their bottom line and the overall success of their corporate strategy.

Woodgrange contacted Smarter Business Group when they had reached an impasse with their gas supplier. One of their meters had not been billed correctly and they had been overcharged, having been billed on out-of-contract rates. “We needed to negotiate a reasonable rate for when we were not in contract and Smarter Business helped us look into the options,” said managing director, Daniel Browne. “They enabled us to sort out the issues with our existing energy provider and re-tender with another that better suited our needs. A new electricity contract was arranged, as well as a new gas deal.”

Immediate savings with Smarter Business. Ongoing value and expertise

After Smarter Business renegotiated the energy contract, it saved Woodgrange £30 000. “Their expertise in managing contracts enabled us to new arrangement that gave us access to the wholesale market, which resulted in significant savings,” said Browne.

Woodgrange’s newly-negotiated contract traded gas throughout the month in line with market price fluctuations – replacing the standard daily charge and unit rate, with gas purchased upfront – a scenario which would have cost Woodgrange £130 000 more as the gas price decreased throughout the year. Smarter Business’s increased responsiveness to this kind of contract made these savings possible and the enduring value a reality.

Savings is just the start with Smarter Business

Securing savings was just the beginning of the sustained relationship between Woodgrange and Smarter Business. With a view to offering ongoing great customer service, they continue to offer advice and support as part of their corporate energy procurement offering. Their continued monitoring of the contracts and energy-efficiency reporting has ultimately resulted in the existing set-up through Smarter Business being more cost-effective than hiring a procurement manager.

The implementation of a climate change agreement has also had a notable effect on Woodgrange’s bottom line. “Entering into a climate change agreement significantly reduced our costs. It provided 65 percent relief on one of our charges, saving us around £5500 per year on gas and roughly £3300 on electricity.”

Transparency is key to partnership

Smarter Business prides itself in aligning with its clients’ interests to achieve a partnership when it comes to utilities strategy – and it is this element that stood out for Woodgrange as one of the key attributes to the working relationship. “Smarter Business provided a transparent process when they did the tendering, broke down all the costs, and did forecasts. They are very good at keeping us up-to-date – they provide constant updates on what they expect our costs to be.”