Corporate Energy Solutions

Our comprehensive view of the market allows us to offer corporate energy solutions that help your business save on its utilities.

Every business faces the daily challenge of implementing a responsible business energy policy. This is done through having a cost-effective contract and corporate energy solutions aligned to your business’s energy strategy.

More than ever before, the evolving energy marketplace provides an opportunity for business to meet short and long-term goals.

The experienced team of account managers at Smarter Business are here to facilitate engagement between suppliers to achieve your business’s desired outcomes. With our finger on the pulse of market drivers, your account manager will assess this against your requirements. They will then be able to recommend an associated product or service and corporate energy solutions to meet your needs.

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How can Smarter Business help with corporate energy solutions?

From negotiating with suppliers to implementing data-driven technologies, Smarter Business has the expertise to strategise on your behalf in order to optimise your portfolio.

Through our range of comprehensive corporate energy solutions and technology platforms, we will monitor, control, and forecast every facet of energy usage within your operation to get the most out of your capabilities, streamline budget processes, and strategise for success.

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Corporate Energy Procurement

Energy procurement is important for any business. We can help.

Energy procurement is a problem for many businesses… but it doesn’t have to be. The right approach to energy procurement can reduce your operating costs and increase your profits.

But what is the right approach?

Energy procurement can be complicated. We make it simple. We work with some of the UK’s leading energy suppliers to offer our customers great deals on their energy.

What is am Energy Management Plan?

An Energy Management Plan is a unique energy management solution. It covers everything from energy procurement to energy and water efficiency surveys. It’s a great way to reduce your consumption and find those hidden profits.

An Energy Management Plan can include:

  • AMR Meter: With an AMR meter, you don’t need to read your meter. Your bills will be accurate and up to date every month.
  • Dataview energy management software
  • Openview energy procurement software
  • An Energy Efficiency Audit will identify how and where you can save energy in your business.
  • Account Management: Our account management team can answer any question you may have about your energy accounts.

Business energy procurement

We offer a wide range of business energy procurement services, including:

  • Fixed price energy contracts: fixed energy contracts are great for businesses and other organisations looking for budget certainty. When you sign a fixed energy contract, your price is set on that day for the duration of your contract. You’ll know exactly how much you’re paying for energy every month.
  • Flexible energy contracts: flexible energy contracts are perfect for large organisations looking to buy gas and electricity directly from the wholesale market. With a flexible energy contract, you can take advantage of price drops on the energy market in order to make savings.
  • Portfolio energy contracts: portfolio energy contracts offer the benefits of flexible energy contracts to businesses that don’t consume enough energy to buy directly from the wholesale market.
  • FixedFlex contracts: fixed price energy contracts are great for budget certainty, but they can leave you feeling like you’re paying over the odds if energy prices fall. With a FixedFlex contract, you can renegotiate your price at any time during your contract. The only condition is that your new price is fixed for another 12 months.

Our suppliers

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