Dataview Energy Monitoring System by Smarter Business

An energy monitoring system for effective energy management to improve your business’ profitability and competitiveness.

Dataview Energy Monitoring System

Turn the Lights On With Dataview Energy Monitoring System

  • Access to accurate energy consumption and cost data
  • Monitor your usage and portfolio
  • Identify energy cost-saving opportunities
  • Effective energy monitoring and management
  • Improve your profitability and competitiveness

Our Dataview energy monitoring system can make this happen.

What is Dataview?

Dynamic, online energy measurement using smart meters connected via the Internet of Things.

Dataview is our energy analysis platform that enables us to provide customers with analysis and cost-saving suggestions through:

  • Automated reporting
  • Energy analysis

Dataview turns the lights on your electricity contracts, giving you insight into how and when you use your energy. 

These insights can potentially save you thousands!

What can the Dataview energy monitoring system measure?

All forms of energy source:

  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Natural gas and LPG
  • Oil
  • Renewables – solar energy, wind power
  • Water consumption
  • Environmental impact

Where can Dataview measure?

Dataview can measure ‘everywhere’:

  • Applied on multiple sites
  • With multiple energy sources
  • Sub-metering can enable you to measure different activities on a site, such as manufacturing, plant, office, sales operations.

Some of Dataview’s many benefits include:

  • Instant access to half-hourly data
  • Instant reporting on consumption and demand
  • Portfolio view of capacity
  • Free monthly reports
  • Energy validation reporting

Customised reporting

The Dataview energy monitoring systems can provide numerous reports:

  • league tables
  • usage targets
  • site by site comparisons
  • time of day operational demands

✓ All the data will be gathered into one set of online reports.

✓ Customised to suit your business.

✓ Identified where you can make the greatest energy savings and cost reductions.

✓ Data is presented in the form that suits you.

✓ Appealing visuals make your data easy to understand.

✓ Display your performance against limits and objectives.  

✓ Review your consumption by half hour on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Energy Validation Report

  • automatically emails you when you use more or less than you expect

Monthly Energy Report

  • automatically emailed to you each month

Supply Capacity Report

  • monitors your demand for excess capacity charges

Dataview: Get an effective energy monitoring system for the management of commercial energy resources.

It’s free with your Smarter Business energy management service.