The secure and simple energy dashboard where you can view each of your assets online – by location, map, meter ID or type.

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Having access to accurate energy consumption and cost data is key to effective energy management. Monitoring your usage and portfolio with an energy monitoring system allows you to identify energy cost-saving opportunities and improve your profitability and competitiveness.

Smarter Business’ Dataview technology gives you dynamic, online energy measurement using smart meters connected over ‘The Internet of Things’. This data helps you strategise around real-time information to get the most out of your energy contracts.

Dataview – The Energy Cost and Consumption Reporting Platform

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Here’s how:

Dataview can measure ‘everything’

Our dataview platform can measure all forms of energy source plus metrics like water usage and environment impact:

  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Natural gas and LPG
  • Oil
  • Renewables – solar energy, wind power
  • Water consumption

Dataview can measure ‘everywhere’

Dataview energy monitoring can be applied on multiple sites, with multiple energy sources.  Sub-metering can enable you to measure different activities on a site, such as manufacturing, plant, office, sales operations and so on.

Fiscal metering is a system for measuring liquid and gas flow – often for taxation purposes. This is also known as ‘custody transfer’ and a high level of accuracy is required.

Dataview’s energy monitoring system will collate all the data

All the data from multiple smart meters and sub-meters on multiple sites will be gathered into one set of online reports.  The reports will be customised to suit your business and concentrate where the greatest energy savings and cost reductions can be made. You can add in contributing factors like climate, temperature, production values and other internal or external influences.

Environmental impact can be included in the measurement, including CO2 output for instance; and also water deregulation means that measuring you water usage becomes important.

Dynamic visual presentation

Data is presented in the form that suits you.  Appealing visuals make your data easy to understand, and display your performance against limits and objectives.  You will find the dataview platform is intuitive and easy to use. Usage data can be collated by every half hour, day, week, month, year with comparisons against budget.

Dataview can provide numerous reports, such as league tables, usage targets, site by site comparisons, time of day operational demands and numerous other reports. This provides an effective energy audit tool for the management of commercial energy resources.

Used in conjunction with our Openview platform it gives the energy manager complete comfort that they have control on all elements of their energy assets, costs and environmental impact.

If you would like a demonstration of our Energy Management Technology Openview and Dataview, please contact us.