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Dual Energy

Dual Energy is an independent energy supplier focused on leading the way in smart meter billing. Founded in 2009, Dual Energy has helped 80,000 SME customers save on their energy bills.

The company’s mission is to provide small businesses with a real alternative to the ‘Big 6’.

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Facts about Dual Energy

  • Supplies both gas and electricity
  • Install a Smart Meter free-of-charge for all customers
  • Over 85% of Dual Energy customers now benefit from Smart Meter technology
  • Fuel Mix: 27.7% gas, 20.6% nuclear, 38.4% coal, 11.3% renewable

Dual Energy customers

Dual Energy will only take on customers with consumption in excess of 3,000 kWh per year. Businesses with an annual usage of below 5,000 kWh can take advantage of Dual Energy’s low-user tariff.

What energy plan durations are available?

Dual Energy offers contracts between one to three years.

Is Dual Energy the right supplier for you?

Finding the right energy supplier for your needs can be confusing. With so many suppliers in the market, taking on the task of getting and comparing different quotes can be an onerous one. That’s why many small businesses choose to use the services of an energy consultant like Smarter Business. We’ll conduct a whole-of-market energy comparison (including Dual Energy) to find the deal that best suits your business’ needs.

How to switch to Dual Energy

Smarter Business makes it easy to switch energy suppliers. Our expert energy consultants will take care of the entire switching process. They do the hard work; you do the saving!

What if I have a problem with my Dual Energy energy supply?

If you have procured your energy through Smarter Business, we become your first point of contact for all things energy.

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