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EDF Energy is an integrated energy company in the UK. Its operations span electricity generation and selling energy to businesses and homes. The company owns two 2,000 MW coal-fired power stations – Cottam and West Burton, giving EDF the highest coal-fired generational capacity of any energy company in the United Kingdom. EDF also owns and operates three wind farms and the company’s portfolio includes eight nuclear power stations.

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Facts about EDF

  • Employs 13,331 people
  • The UK’s largest producer of low-carbon electricity
  • The biggest supplier of electricity by volume in Great Britain
  • The largest supplier to British businesses

EDF customers

EDF handles 5.7 million business and domestic customer accounts.

What energy plan durations are available?

EDF offers business energy contracts from one to three years.

How to switch to EDF

Switching energy suppliers with Smarter Business is simpler than you may think. Free of charge, we’ll take on the entire switching process. First, we’ll take the time to understand your business’ specific needs before we conduct a whole of market comparison to find the cheapest – and most suitable- energy contract for you. We’ll deal with your existing supplier and handle the switch from start to finish.

What if I have a problem with my EDF energy supply?

One of the benefits of procuring your energy through Smarter Business is that we’ll handle any issues with your energy supply on your behalf. If you have any questions or concerns about your energy from EDF, we’ll approach our contacts at EDF and get you the answers and resolutions you need, without the hassle.

Is EDF the right supplier for you?

With a multitude of energy suppliers in the UK market, it’s advisable to compare quotes from different suppliers to find the best energy deal for your business. EDF may be the best supplier for your needs, but you’ll first need to conduct a thorough comparison to find out. Contact Smarter Business to take advantage of our free energy procurement services.

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