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Energy Data & Portfolio Management

Utility cost reporting, over-consumption alerts and multi-site contract energy management are our specialty…

When it comes to energy management, knowledge is power. Through clever technology and the ability to monitor your usage and portfolio, you can streamline your business’s energy management and strategise around real-time information to get the most out of your contracts.

Reduce energy overspend with cost and consumption reporting

From energy audits to on-going energy resource management and cost reduction, Smarter Business has technology solutions which allow you to view your data online anytime.

Whether you are responsible for a single meter or large multi-site operations, you can monitor your usage daily, weekly, monthly, and annually per location, map, meter, and type. Our Openview and Dataview advanced technology gives you the tools suited to your business, allowing you to simply compare usage to budget.

With a range of reports to choose from and automated notifications around change of tenancy or ownership, reap the benefits of energy management control through clever data assimilation and reporting. Contact Smarter Business today to find out more about how these technology solutions stand to transform how you do business.

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