The Energy to Sustain Blockchain: Solutions for the Crypto-Community

Offset against profits and the cost of mining equipment, an estimated 60% of your total mining revenue is spent on electricity. Make sure your energy contract maximises your investment potential.

Bitcoin and crypto mining are the great gold rush of the 21st century. Part of the allure of these – apart from the exponential rise in value – are the decentralised computing systems designed to protect the blockchain from fraud. These global networks are power hungry, with an annual energy consumption index that is higher than Denmark. As the price of cryptocurrency goes up, so it makes sense to invest in greater computing power for mining and so energy usage grows.

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Crypto-Community Energy: The Smarter Solution

Smarter Business is one of the biggest energy brokers in the UK with more than 40 000 commercial customers and have become specialists in helping data centres and crypto mining operators source reliable, cost-effective energy. Contact us today and your dedicated account manager will negotiate and secure the best energy deals to suit your needs – giving you the energy you need for your computing power requirements.