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Energy for Golf Courses

Efficient energy for golf courses saves money and makes for greener businesses.

Running a golf course is an energy-intensive process, with irrigation systems to run, charging of golf carts, lighting and clubhouse facilities such as kitchens, geysers, and heated pools. Energy for golf courses should not be overlooked as a necessary expense, since savings of up to 40% can be achieved by migrating to a new contract and reducing energy consumption. The more efficiently a course can be operated and the more it can save on energy tariffs, the more profitable it can become. 

By securing the best utilities contracts, savvy course owners and managers stand to save on energy for golf courses. But the process of shopping the market and comparing quotes is a time-consuming one, and many already-stretched managers of golf courses simply don’t have the time to shop around for potential energy savings. This is where Smarter Business comes in.

When Smarter Business takes on gas and electricity for golf courses, we ensure that the courses under our care are on the best energy rates for their particular needs. Taking your energy usage into consideration, we are able to advise on:

  • The right supplier, tariffs and contract terms for your course
  • Energy-efficient technology to help you reduce energy consumption
  • The process of migrating to a new energy contract
  • Negotiations with suppliers on your behalf

If your energy contract is set for renewal or is coming to an end within the next six months, now is the time to take the first step in securing a cheaper contract.

Why Smarter Business?

Smart energy usage translates into smart management of your golf course. Our Smarter Business services are designed to come up with the most effective utilities strategy to save you money:

  • By looking at your existing contract, we can quickly identify instances of overcharging.
  • We will source and compare quotes from different suppliers, securing you the best deals and implementing an electricity and water strategy to help you maximise the cost-effectiveness of your utilities.
  • We can install smart meters and data solution technologies to identify other areas of potential savings and efficiency.

And efficient energy strategy for golf courses is just the starting point. With our comprehensive service, Smarter Business can also take care of your waste management and water services. Our team pride themselves on their expertise across the utilities management function, living up to our mission to provide a whole-of-market business comparison service, maximise savings and improve our clients’ profitability.

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