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Energy for Schools

Energy for Schools

Your energy savings education with efficient energy for schools

Schools are energy-rich institutions – and we’re not only talking about your students. Lighting alone comprises almost 50% of the energy for schools. By securing the best utilities contracts for your school, you stand to unlock sections of your budget that you can then allocate to other areas.

Electricity and gas are key areas when it comes to energy savings for schools. If you don’t take the time to compare prices on your school’s utility bills, it’s likely you are missing out on deals and the potential to steer savings back into your school. Smarter Business is here to help you. Our relationships with leading suppliers mean we are best-placed to get quotes, compare contracts, and negotiate deals on your behalf. We do the legwork in finding cheap energy for schools, while you and your students reap the benefits.

Why Smarter Business energy for schools?

By understanding your school’s consumption, you are best-placed to identify areas of potential savings. Knowledge is power and, with extensive energy management services covering bill validation, smart meter installations, and data monitoring technology to name a few, Smarter Business will keep you in the know when it comes to usage. This will give you the information you need to strategise around energy to reduce usage and maximise cost-effectiveness.

School’s out on energy savings. Contact Smarter Business today and your dedicated account manager will talk you through your procurement, management, and strategy requirements.

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