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Comprehensive offering
Detailed management and monitoring
Avoid paying more than you should

Cost-effective utility contract management services

Bureau Services

Effective utilities management starts here

We’re the experts in utility management so that you don’t have to be. With our in-depth experience in utility supply and demand, we ensure your utilities are being managed to maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

Let us take your energy portfolio management into our competent and experienced hands. Along with securing you the best possible energy contract, we can help you claim back on inaccurate invoices, create a tailored energy management plan for your business, provide free energy management software and streamline your sub-metering and tenant re-billing.

Having a single point of contact for all these services helps streamline your operations and save you money.

Get smarter about your utilities management

Get smarter about your utilities today with an online quote, or speak to our team on 01444 220060.

Key Benefits.


Get your money back on inaccurate billing


Get more accurate information about your utilities consumption


We interrogate the entire supply chain


Reveal areas of further potential savings on your utilities


Reclaim amounts dating back up to 6 years

When you use Smarter Business, you benefit from all of these services:

Smarter Business_Invoice Validation

Invoice Validation

Instances of tariff errors and overcharging are well-documented. You could be paying 3 to 5% more than you’re supposed to for utilities each year, amounting to potentially serious unnecessary losses to your business.

Smarter Business will validate historic invoices for errors and ensure that accurate and timely meter readings are received and submitted to suppliers going forward. 

Enquire now about our invoice validation services

Utility Management Plan

No matter what your business looks like, there’s a Utility Management Plan for you. A Utility Management Plan helps you manage your business utilities.

Smarter Business will appoint a team of energy, waste, and water consultants to support the business in ongoing utility management and optimisation. 

Read more: Why do I need a utilities management plan? 

Don’t have the energy to manage your energy? Let us do the hard work.”

Smarter Business_Energy Monitoring

Energy Monitoring Software

Our cloud-based software – Dataview and Openview – allow you to manage and monitor your energy usage and portfolio in real-time. You can buy energy at the optimal time and quickly and accurately identify energy cost-saving opportunities to improving your business’ profitability and competitiveness.

Read more: Our Energy Monitoring Software

Tenant Re-Billing

A fully-fledged gas and energy service for office park owners and landlords of multi-tenant premises would be incomplete without sub-metering and tenant re-billing.

Smarter Business can arrange monthly sub-meter readings to be taken and submitted to ensure accurate and timeous monthly or quarterly rebilling.

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Comprehensive offering
Detailed management and monitoring
Avoid paying more than you should