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Reduce your carbon footprint
Effective energy management

Meeting new challenges in the corporate energy landscape

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Energy costs continue to be a significant overhead for UK businesses and public sector organisations. Historically, the main challenge was managing changes in wholesale energy costs. However, with increasing levels of industry regulation, political uncertainty and infrastructure development, managing the way you use your energy and when you buy it has become more critical than the tender itself.

Our commercial energy advice is defined – and actioned – by providing objective, accurate, advice tailored to every client to meet your individual needs in a timely manner. We bridge the gap when it comes to corporate energy procurement and management, outlining what commercial energy contracts mean for businesses in real terms and helping our clients to shape their environmental sustainability strategies.

Our corporate energy services include:

Corporate energy procurement

We pride ourselves on our innovative purchasing solutions and can fully manage detailed, fixed, or flexible electricity and gas tender negotiations. Our dedicated support team will work on your behalf to fully manage your utility supplier relationships and queries, change of tenancies, and ensure accurate and timely consumption data. We can also source a competitive deal for your water supply.

Fixed Procurement

We track your renewal well in advance to help identify the best time to fix your price. Access to Openview – our industry-leading reverse auction platform – enables you with a process guaranteed to provide improved results when compared to traditional contract procurement. The transparent ‘bidding war’ provides direct access to over 40 suppliers to compete for your contract.

Flexible Procurement

Flexible contracts allow customers with direct access to energy wholesale markets to optimise your energy price within the limitations of a bespoke risk management strategy.

Flexible energy purchasing best suits organisations consuming above 10 GWh of power per annum and/or above 1 million therms of gas.

Smarter Business offers semi-flexible solutions for clients above 1 GWh, or the opportunity to be included in procurement portfolios that enable mid-market clients similar access to the wholesale market that larger clients have enjoyed for many years.

Minimising commodity costs

We can help you manage the highest cost on your bill by:

  • Advising when to secure fixed or flexible procurement contracts
  • Providing best-practice risk management and commodity trading for flexible contracts
  • Providing advice & recommendations on complementary energy products and services

Managing non-commodity costs (NCCs)

We can deliver savings through:

  • Validating every element of your bill – especially important as all NCCs may be itemised, depending on your supplier
  • Producing budgets, up to five years in advance so you can plan for these charges as they impact your bills
  • Helping to manage consumption at peak times to lower costly charges
  • Provide updates on regulatory changes and how they impact future energy prices

Localised Power Purchase Agreement (PPAs)

Reducing cost and carbon by purchasing energy directly from renewable generators – coming soon!

Net zero carbon.

We help you on your journey towards becoming a net zero carbon organisation.

Reduce carbon emissions
Reduce energy consumption
Shift to renewables
Generate your own energy onsite
Offset your unavoidable emissions with high-impact carbon credits from Gold Standard-certified projects

Smart energy management and reporting

Smarter Business offers two proprietary energy management systems that offer true transparency and total control of your energy.


Energy analytics platform to reduce energy waste.

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Industry-leading forecasting and utility contract management platform.

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By enabling you to visualise what you consume, you can understand how you’re using energy and when you can reduce consumption. Our team will help you interpret data so that you can make informed decisions about utility costs and usage savings.

  • Take advantage of favourable conditions in the energy markets
  • Save money on energy procurement
  • Greater supplier participation and drives down prices.
  • Stay in control of all your energy contracts, site information, non-energy costs and future energy contract prices
  • Monitor and report 
  • Gain full visibility and insight into your consumption

Bureau services

Our comprehensive bureau services include:

Invoice Validation

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Utility Management Planning

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Tenant Re-Billing

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Carbon reporting & compliance

Energy users are required to meet an increasing number of targets when it comes to reducing emissions and complying with legislation. This often has additional benefits, such as helping you use less and lower your carbon footprint. Obtaining voluntary accreditations will further help to illustrate your sustainability credentials and ensure you’re operating to acceptable industry standards.

We can help you by:

  • Fully managing compliance activities and associated reporting
  • Ensuring you hit deadlines and avoid fines
  • Maximising opportunities for positive CSR successes
  • Proactively advising on your consumption to lessen the burden of some of the schemes
Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) Our team of in-house ESOS Lead Assessors and ISO 50001 lead auditors have close ties to DECC and the Environment Agency and will help you make the most of ESOS.
Climate Change Agreement (CCA) Complying with the CCA scheme means you can receive a CCL discount on your electricity and gas bills. We’ll manage your compliance and regularly report on progress.
Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Our CRC compliance management service eases the burden of getting to grips with this complex legislation aimed at cutting CO2 emissions. We can provide essential guidance and support to help you avoid costly penalties.
Carbon Footprinting Using in-house built tools will help determine whether to include carbon or GHG emissions in your carbon footprint calculation. Once defined, we’ll help you reduce your emissions and improve your CSR credentials.
UK GHG Mandatory Reporting We’ll work with you to seamlessly collate, compile and analyse your emissions data so you can include them in your Director’s Annual Report and Accounts.
Electricity Market Reform (EMR) EMR will result in new charges being passed on to business users. One of the best ways to minimise the risk and cost increases is to reduce or control your energy usage.

The energy connection process

Desk-based assessment based on industry-held data.

Site survey to confirm and document the current infrastructure.

Our specialist Project Team caters for all sitework requirements–from upgrades to existing infrastructure, supply downgrades, connections, alterations and meter moves.

Energy Connection Services.

Whatever your electricity supply requirements, we can help—from planning and design stages through to successful delivery and project sign-off. Whether you require a simple, single connection or multi-site roll out programme, we manage and deliver your power requirements on time and to specification.
Peace of mind
Personal service from our dedicated connections team
Avoid regulatory pitfalls & costly non-compliance
We meet or exceed industry standards
No costly delays
Projects managed to deliver on time or early
Save money on future developments
Future-proof design from industry experts

Metering solutions.

We manage outstanding relationships across most metering providers, ensuring that we can help source and install practical metering solutions for your electricity, gas and water requirements. If you want to understand the detail, we can provide level monitoring and provide access to real-time data. All of the valuable information we track on your behalf can be viewed minute-by-minute on our sophisticated online software.


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