Corporate Utility Procurement

Strategic utility procurement provides a competitive advantage

Understand your consumption
Secure the best contracts
We do the hard work

Corporate utility procurement from the experts

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We source, identify and acquire gas and electricity contracts that are best suited to your business’s needs. The basic aims and objectives of corporate utility procurement include obtaining the most cost-effective energy deals for your organisation while considering sustainability and renewables targets.
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Corporate energy procurement

We pride ourselves on our innovative purchasing solutions and can fully manage detailed, fixed, or flexible electricity and gas tender negotiations. Our dedicated support team will work on your behalf to fully manage your utility supplier relationships and queries, change of tenancies, and ensure accurate and timely consumption data. Our comprehensive services include monitoring, managing and controlling usage. We can also source a competitive deal for your water supply.

Fixed Procurement

We track your renewal well in advance to help identify the best time to fix your price. Access to Openview – our industry-leading reverse auction platform – enables you with a process guaranteed to provide improved results when compared to traditional contract procurement. The transparent ‘bidding war’ provides direct access to over 40 suppliers to compete for your contract.

Flexible Procurement

Flexible contracts allow customers with direct access to wholesale energy markets to optimise your energy price within the limitations of a bespoke risk management strategy.

Flexible energy purchasing best suits organisations consuming above 10 GWh of power per annum and/or above 1 million therms of gas.

Smarter Business offers semi-flexible solutions for clients above 1 GWh, or the opportunity to be included in procurement portfolios that enable mid-market clients similar access to the wholesale market that larger clients have enjoyed for many years.

Minimising commodity costs

We can help you manage the highest cost on your bill by:

  • Advising when to secure fixed or flexible procurement contracts
  • Providing best-practice risk management and commodity trading for flexible contracts
  • Providing advice & recommendations on complementary energy products and services

Managing non-commodity costs (NCCs)

We can deliver savings through:

  • Validating every element of your bill – especially important as all NCCs may be itemised, depending on your supplier
  • Producing budgets, up to five years in advance so you can plan for these charges as they impact your bills
  • Helping to manage consumption at peak times to lower costly charges
  • Provide updates on regulatory changes and how they impact future energy prices

Openview energy procurement software.

Openview is our industry-leading forecasting and utility contract management platform. It is available free of charge to our corporate customers.

Localised Power Purchase Agreement (PPAs)

Reducing cost and carbon by purchasing energy directly from renewable generators – coming soon!

Power purchase agreements (PPAs)

Power purchase agreements (PPAs) are one of several routes to market for electricity sales. If you’re a dedicated energy generator or a business with generation assets on your sites, you need a PPA to earn payments for energy exported to the grid. Smarter Business can help you maximise your income from electricity generation assets.

Smarter Business can help you secure the most profitable PPA contract. We consider the energy pricing, length of the fixed period, value of embedded benefits and other factors to help us find you the best deal.

Fixed-price renewable energy

If you export volumes to the grid at regular intervals, you can benefit from fixed-price contracts to give you a fixed income each month.

Your business can also reduce costs and carbon by purchasing energy directly from renewable generators. Ask us how!

Benefits of our corporate utility procurement services

Understanding the individual components of your utility consumption to deliver lower costs

We source the most cost-effective solutions

We procure fixed contracts that protect against sudden changes in the energy markets, helping your business to budget and forecast

Flexible energy contracts give you the ability to buy at the optimum time and take advantage of wholesale price movements


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