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Transform your energy management with energy monitoring systems

The first step to better energy management is an effective energy monitoring system, which lets you see how much water, gas and electricity is being consumed in your daily business operations.

Managing and monitoring your energy usage and portfolio with cloud-based systems allows you to quickly and accurately track your energy usage patterns and informs decision-making. Regular reporting on these statistics will also help you to identify energy cost-saving opportunities, improving your profitability and competitiveness as a result.

Smarter Business offers two proprietary energy management systems

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The Energy Cost and Consumption Reporting System

Dataview technology gives you dynamic, online energy measurement using smart meters connected over ‘The Internet of Things’. This secure and simple energy dashboard enables you to view each of your assets online – by location, map, meter ID or type.

The system allows you to monitor gas, electricity, water consumption, oil, renewables and your environmental impact.

Why Dataview?

Accurate energy consumption and cost data from Dataview helps you strategise around real-time information to get the most out of your energy contracts.

Appealing report designs make it easy to understand and analyse usage to identify areas where you can start making improvements and savings.

The system can be customised and automated, sending you email notifications when usage is higher or lower than the expected set amount.

Who can benefit?

All Smarter Business customers are given the opportunity to access Dataview.

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The Most Transparent Energy Procurement System on the Market

Our energy procurement system is the most advanced energy management system in the marketplace, giving you complete control over your energy contracts, future energy contract prices, tendering and your site energy management portfolio.

Why Openview?

Openview enables you to see a breakdown of all commercial energy costs for current and future contracts on a daily basis, empowering you to take advantage of favourable conditions in the energy market.

It is the only system that allows all supplier participants to view each other’s bids, providing true price transparency at all levels. This allows for much greater competition and results in the best price* outcome aligned with your business needs.

Who can benefit?

Openview is exclusive to Smarter Business customers who consume over 200,000 kWh per year.

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Key Benefits.


Making it easy to monitor and manage your energy


Online energy audits


Complete control of your contracts


Usage Tripwire alerts


Identify savings online


True price transparency

5 Steps to Smart Energy

We’ll get to know your business and form a clear understanding of your energy requirements.
After evaluating the findings, we’ll recommend the most suitable energy management product or service for your business.
Working with you, we can set up predetermined pricing Tripwires for expected usage.
We’ll integrate these limits with the appropriate energy monitoring system.
You can start accurately monitoring your energy usage and identify cost-saving opportunities.
Smarter Business is already helping thousands of companies manage, monitor and save on energy bills. To find out how we can help you do the same, get in touch today.