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New electricity meter installation

Moving business premises? We offer the best metering services, with fast, hassle-free electricity meter installations.

New gas meter installation

Our efficient metering solutions will ensure that your new gas meter installations are ready as soon as you occupy your new premises.

Key Benefits

Smarter Business will ensure that your meters register the correct quantity of electricity and gas consumed, as per national regulation

Hassle-free metering solutions
Hassle-free metering solutions
Dedicated account management
Dedicated account management
End-to-end installation
End-to-end installation
Single point of contact from initial enquiry to finalisation
Single point of contact from initial enquiry to finalisation
Energy contract management
Energy contract management
A simple process from start to finish
A simple process from start to finish
Save money with our energy procurement and management services
Save money with our energy procurement and management services

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New electricity meter installation

Types of electricity meters

Much like your energy contracts are tailored to your business needs, your electricity meter must also meet your requirements. There are various types of electricity meters which are suited to different business functions.

Smart electricity meter

Smart meters provide complete transparency in terms of electricity usage and cost, which is displayed for your view on a separate monitor. They send automated readings to your provider, informing them of how much you have used, so they can bill you correctly. These meters are typically free to have installed and are ideal for businesses on a budget.

Half-hourly meter

Also known as HH meters, these installations automatically send readings to your electricity provider every 30 minutes. These are a requirement for businesses who have a demand of 100kW or more for any half an hour period and an option for those with a demand of 70kW or more.

Single-rate meter

With this meter you’ll be charged at the same rate no matter the time of day. These are ideal for businesses who are open during standard business hours, such as offices and shops.

Two-rate meter

These meters charge you at two different rates, usually classified as peak-time and off-peak. Examples of two-rate tariffs include Economy 7 and Economy 10, whereby you get seven or ten hours of off-peak electricity, charged at a lower rate. These are ideal for businesses that operate during later hours, such as takeaways and restaurants.

Three-rate meter

As well as offering a peak-time and off-peak rate, these meters have a third rate for weekend electricity usage. This is typically the best option for businesses who are open through the weekend, such as bars and clubs.

How to read your electricity meter

Whether you’ve been asked to submit your own meter reading or you would like to check if your provider is charging you correctly, knowing how to read your electricity meter is important.

Digital meter readings

Read the number as they appear, from left to right, ignoring the last digit in red. If you have a two or three-rate meter, there will be a separate sequence of digits for each rate, which will be labelled on your meter.

Dial meter readings

Readings are displayed on 5 dials (ignore the sixth dial with red numbers). Simply read the numbers being pointed at on each dial, from left to right. If a pointer is between two digits, use the lower of them. If pointing exactly at a number, check the next dial across – if this is on nine, subtract one from the previous dial.

Electronic meter readings

Read the electronic number displayed, from left to right, ignoring any number after the decimal point. If you have a two or three-rate meter, these will either be displayed on the same screen, if the meter is large enough, or in turn with a label indicating which rate is currently displaying.

New gas meter installation

Ensure greater accuracy

As providers are only legally required to check gas meter readings every two years, taking it upon yourself to monitor your usage and submit readings to your provider can help ensure you are not under or overcharged. Although you can claim money back after being overcharged, it is a long process and, in situations where you have been undercharged, you will be indebted to the provider and unable to switch to another until the difference has been paid.

Therefore, enjoy peace of mind with a new easy to use gas meter installation from Smarter Business.

Smart meters

Rather than taking and submitting your own readings for gas, smart meters send regular automated updates to your supplier for you. As well as a hassle-free service and more accurate bills, these meters allow you to track your usage and cost in real time, displaying figures for both on a convenient digital interface.

Regular and transparent monitoring can help you to identify areas where energy is being wasted and savings can be made. Not only is this great for budget conscious businesses, any decrease in usage will help you reduce your carbon footprint too.

Moving a gas meter

Depending on the premises in which your business is based, your new meter can be fitted inside or outside. However, if the gas pipes do not enter the property, meters can only be installed outside of the building. A box or shelter will be supplied in these circumstances.

How to read a gas meter

Whether you’re submitting your own meter reading or you would like to check if your provider is charging you correctly, here’s how to read your gas meter:

  • Digital meter readings – Read the numbers displayed from left to right and ignore any in red or in a red box. Remember to note down whether your reading is in cubic feet or meters, which is usually indicated as ft3 or m3.
  • Dial meter readings – Your gas meter may have a number of different dials on it but for readings, only the bottom row is required. Simply read the numbers being pointed at on each dial from left to right, remembering that each one moves in the opposite direction to the one before it. If the pointer is between 2 numbers, choose the lowest. If pointing at an exact number, check the next dial – if this is nine, subtract one from the previous dial.
Gas and Elec

Metering Solutions

We offer an end-to-end service for your new gas meter installations, new electricity meter installations and supply connections for gas and electricity.


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  • New gas supply
  • Gas meter upgrade
  • New smart electricity meter installations
  • Energy comparison and quotes
  • Holistic energy management services

Sub-Metering Solutions

Sub-metering solutions simplify your tenant arrangements and ensure compliance.

Read more: Electricity Sub-Metering for Landlords

Why do you need a new meter installation?

Your business may need a new gas and electricity meter for a number of reasons:

  • Your business is moving or has moved to new premises – you may find that the meters on your property have been disconnected, or you may not have a meter at the new site at all.
  • You need to diversify your energy supply – you may decide to have new metering solutions installed so that you can use an additional or alternative source of energy.
  • Your energy needs have changed – scaling up or scaling down your energy usage could mean that you’ll need a new meter installed.

What information will I need to get a new meter?

  • Your postcode and address
  • Gas Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN), if you have one
  • Electricity Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN) from your local network

My electricity meter reading is blank, what should I do?

Electricity meters often go into a ‘sleep mode’ which could mean that they display a blank screen. In these situations, simply press a button on the main panel to wake the meter up. Smart meters may require you to scroll through various different screens before you reach the readings page.

Sometimes a blank screen could mean the meter is faulty. If the above steps do not work, you should contact your energy provider and they will guide you through what to do next.

Why use Smarter Business metering solutions?

With Smarter Business, you’ll get fast, free metering installations with strategic energy supply contracts. Whether you need a new gas meter installation or a new electricity meter installation, our professional team will ensure that you get your new business energy meter effortlessly and cost-effectively.


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