SmarterView and MOP DC/DA Assistance

Smarter Business introduces SmarterView – your gateway to real-time energy insights.

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MOP and DC/DA services 

Let us assist you in obtaining a MOP contract and acting as your DC/DA. You’ll get access to real-time data through SmarterView, our cloud management platform that collates and reports on all smart meter data. Seamlessly integrated with our MOP DC/DA assistance, our SmarterView data platform empowers you to make informed decisions for efficient energy management.

Understanding MOP DC/DA Essentials.

Mandatory for businesses with peak load usage above 100kW, MOP DC/DA involves:
Meter Operator (MOP): Installation, maintenance, and communication.
Data Collector (DC): Accurate data collection and validation.
Data Aggregator (DA): Validation and billing data management.

How Smarter Business can help:

How to switch step 1

We will establish the current contractual position, and work to consolidate your MOP contracts

How to switch step 2

We undertake a contract review to source more competitive options

How to switch step 3

We fully manage the process with your energy supplier/s

How to switch step 4

SmarterView provides access to your real-time data 

By sourcing the right MOP DC/DA contracts, you can:

Receive accurate and timely energy data
Reduce energy consumption and costs 

Why choose Smarter Business?

Our team simplifies the complex landscape of MOP contracts:


We manage the switching process and inform energy suppliers

Cost Savings

Competitive options sourced through contract reviews


Industry experts with extensive metering knowledge

The power of real-time Insights

How to get the best business electricity and gas deals?
Analytics: Data-driven decisions with detailed overviews.
Accessibility: Anytime access from any connected device.
Monitoring: Real-time tracking of electricity, gas, and water consumption.
Renewables: Visualise renewable energy generation and usage offset.
Visualisations: Graphs for quick consumption analysis.

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