Go Net Zero Carbon

Smarter Business is equipped to deliver carbon neutral energy solutions and green energy to your business. 

Steps towards becoming a net zero carbon business

  • Installing solar panels for renewable energy
  • Retrofitting existing buildings
  • Building new zero-energy facilities

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How going carbon neutral benefits your bottom line

It is a misguided belief that committing to climate change plans adds unnecessary and burdensome costs. Making changes towards becoming a net zero carbon business – by reducing carbon emissions, reducing energy use and shifting to renewables – generally boosts your business’ bottom line.

Smarter Business can help you phase in energy-saving efforts or completely overhaul your energy portfolio to help you achieve net zero status. 

It’s an investment with tangible return. 

Key Benefits

Long-term Savings
Long-term Savings
Futureproof your Business
Futureproof your Business

Become a zero-energy business

What is a net zero carbon business?

A net-zero emissions building is a building with zero net energy consumption (calculated on an annual basis). This means that the total amount of energy used by the building is equal to the amount of renewable energy created onsite or offsite.

A carbon neutral business isn’t a company that doesn’t use any energy at all; nor is it a company that only uses renewable energy. At times, it may consume non-renewable energy and produce greenhouse gases. At other times, however, the business reduces energy consumption and greenhouse gas production elsewhere by the same amount, resulting in net zero carbon consumption. A net zero emissions building or business is typically connected to the grid and can sell excess power, as well as buy additional power during times of high demand.

In summary, net zero energy is when energy conservation + energy efficiency + renewable generation is = or < an entity’s energy usage and emissions – it’s producing more energy than it’s using.

This concept can be extended to entire communities, and even entire countries.

Sourcing net zero carbon energy and green energy

One of the easiest ways to lessen your carbon footprint is to source your energy from a ‘green’ supplier. Smarter Business has partnered with reputable green energy suppliers that guarantee that your energy is being sourced sustainably. All you need to do is get in touch with a Smarter Business consultant, who can help you find the right green energy supplier for your business’ needs. 

Gain credibility with Gold Standard carbon offsets

The carbon offset market has developed various standards to certify credible providers, services and technologies. The Gold Standard “sets the standard for climate and development interventions to qualify, certify and maximise their impact.” Smarter Business can help your business to reduce your climate impact by offsetting your unavoidable emissions with high-impact carbon credits from Gold Standard-certified projects.


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