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Get up to 20 charge points** at your company with FREE installation worth £13,980!

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  • Run your company vehicles in the most cost and environmentally beneficial way.
  • Clearly and obviously demonstrate your commitment to climate change.
  • Create an additional revenue stream by charging for your EV charging services.

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Imagine a world where you can have your own electric vehicle charging stations, supplied and fitted in your business for FREE…

Key Benefits

Exclusive to SB customers
Exclusive offer for qualifying Smarter Business clients
Get your own charging station
Get your own charging station
20 free chargers
Up to 20 free chargers
Supplied and fitted at your business for free
Supplied and fitted at your business for FREE

Find out if your business qualifies for a free EV charging station


What is the Smarter Charger free offer?

We are excited to bring our current Smarter Business customers this exclusive and exciting offer which sets out to expand the rollout of electric vehicle charging stations in the UK for the benefit of our clients and their staff.

With the Smarter Charger offer, your business can get up to 20 free charge points and free installation worth £13,980.*

This installation is subject to you successfully applying for and receiving the government grant of up to £500 per charge point, and Smarter Business paying the balance of £299 per charging point.

*10 units each with 2 charge points

What electric vehicle charging setup do I get?

Smarter Business customers can receive up to 20 Smarter Charger charging points (10 wall units) supplied and installed completely free of charge. Each unit would ordinarily cost £1398 installed.

What is a Smarter Charger EV charging unit?

Our Smarter Charger electric vehicle chargers are CE-certified and approved by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV). They are level II charges, which are widely recognised as the most cost-effective way of providing employee charging.

How much power does an EV charging unit supply?

Depending on your electricity supply capacity, an electric vehicle charging point will provide between 3.3-10 KW per hour of charge.

How do the EV charging points work?

A user will park in one of your bays adjacent to a charge point. They will simply plug in their car and open the app on their smartphone. They will be asked to register a credit card for the charges, which will be confirmed on the app. When the car has completed charging, the appropriate fee (based on consumption) will be taken from his or her credit card.

How do the EV charging units capture usage information?

Our Smarter Charger chargers are just that – smart. We have secure radio communication devices built into our units which will wirelessly talk to our base station plugged into an ethernet cable in your building. The usage data captured is shared with you and us. We will also share this data with OLEV (Office for Low Emission Vehicles) for three years, as per the terms of the government grant.

How much do the EV charging points cost?

The electric vehicle charging points we supply are completely free for your business. A government grant pays up to £500 for each charge point, and Smarter Business contributes the balance.

Who can use my electric vehicle charging points?

The workplace grant scheme is designed for your staff and workers. In the system, you can identify the types of users that get access to different pricing that you set. Typically, companies choose to allow certain users access to one of three different pricing options:

  • Use for free
  • Use at the energy cost to the company
  • Company adds a margin

How many EV charging points do I need?

As a general rule, the more charging points the better, as this will build confidence for staff and customers and avoid conflicts between users. We offer a minimum free installation of two charge points (one wall unit).

How long does an EV point take to charge a vehicle?

The strength of the charge will depend on the size of the electrical connection into your building. In most cases, we will be able to install a 32 amp supply. This will give most vehicles an 80% charge in around four hours. If your supply is smaller or multiple vehicles are charging at once, this will extend the charging time. In general, charging a vehicle at work will be much faster than charging it at home.

Why install an EV charging station?

According to Deloitte, an additional 21 million electric vehicles will be on the road globally by 2030. In 2018, over 2,000,000 new EVs were sold – a 100% increase from 2017. Easy access to EV charging is a crucial factor in the decision to buy an electric vehicle. Building out charging infrastructure in line with growing demand is crucial for enabling the full-scale uptake of electric vehicles and cleaner, healthier environments for everyone.

Depending on how you charge for your EV charging services, having an EV charging station on your premises can also become an additional revenue stream.

Environmental benefits

Transport accounts for around a quarter of the UK’s carbon footprint and is one of the largest and fastest-growing sources of greenhouse gas emissions. Driving electric vehicles improves air quality and reduces climate change. By installing EV charging infrastructure, your company can make an active contribution to curbing those emissions as well as reducing dangerous air pollution in their communities.

Staff benefits

Free or low-cost electric vehicle charging is an extremely affordable perk to offer as part of an attractive benefits package for employees, allowing your company to be at the forefront of enabling staff to adopt new technologies. Tax benefits also come into play, as under current tax legislation, there is no benefit in kind from charging pure electric vehicles, which are provided as company cars, nor for the charging of any type of electric vehicles owned privately. Driving electric vehicles provides staff with lower fuel costs, zero road tax and exemption from the London congestion charge.

Fleet benefits

Run your company vehicles in the most cost and environmentally beneficial way.

  • Reduce your corporate Co2
  • Reduce class 1A National Insurance contributions
  • Lower your fuel costs

Brand identity

Both your staff and customers increasingly care about the environment. EV charging infrastructure offers your company an opportunity to clearly and obviously demonstrate your commitment to climate change.

Additional revenue stream

Many companies choose to provide charging for free to their staff, whilst others see EV charging as an increasingly exciting revenue stream. With the Smarter Charger system, you can define who pays what, thereby turning your chargers into a new revenue stream.

You’ll need a government grant

To qualify for our Smarter Charger electric vehicle charging service, you must have applied for and been granted the government grant. The grant is capped at £500 a charge point and available for up to 20 charge points per organisation. This is a simple online process that will provide you with a voucher number that we need to complete the installation.

Installations and grant claims must take place within four months (120 days) of the date of issue of the Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) voucher.

Apply for the grant here:

Terms and conditions of the grant are available here:

How to qualify for a grant

The grant can be claimed by any business, charity or public authority, evidenced by a Companies House Reference Number. You can alternatively apply by using VAT Registration Number or HMRC Registration Letter.

For your business to qualify, you must:

  • Have off-street parking.
  • Be able to outline a need for EV charge points.
  • Located in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.
  • Own your building or have your landlord’s permission. There are no costs to the landlord and the installation should be enhancing to the building.

How to qualify for free installation from Smarter Business

To qualify for the Smarter Charger free installation and the Smarter Business contribution, you will need enough wall space adjacent to parking areas for a minimum of two charge points (one wall unit approx. two feet tall and one foot wide.

Please note: The free installation assumes that you have adequate wall space available and a reasonably short distance between your electrical box and the chargers. If the distance is more than 50m, or your installation requires additional electrical work, we will ask you to pay only for those additions. A site survey prior to installation will be able to identify any additional costs.

How much does the EV charging point installation cost?

The electric vehicle charging points are completely free for your business. A government grant pays up to £500 for each charge point and Smarter Business contributes the balance.

How much does it cost to run an EV charging point?

Your Smarter Charger solution comes with a customer app and a dashboard for you to manage users and electricity unit charges. A management charge (currently 5 pence per KW -ppkw-, including VAT) is levied by Smarter Charger on electricity consumed and this charge is passed on to the user via the app. We do not charge for software/connection fees/licences etc. So there is no cost for your business other than electricity charges – and only whilst the chargers are in use.

How can I make an additional revenue stream from my EV charging points?

The units can be a great staff and customer benefit – or even an additional revenue stream – it’s your choice!

How do I get paid my share of the EV charging charges?

We collect the revenues on your behalf from the users. At the end of each month, we will send you a full report (or you can access your control dashboard at any time) detailing the usage and the fees collected. Your share will be automatically transferred to your bank 14 days later.

Who owns the EV charging points?

The electric vehicle charge point units will be owned by you. The usage data from the units will be collected by us and shared with the government (as a requirement for the grant) and displayed in your dashboard for you to see. In this dashboard, you can also set your charging parameters and choose to make use of the system free to some users (perhaps staff) and chargeable as an additional revenue centre.

What about the electricity unit charge?

As a Smarter Business customer, you should already be on a great wholesale rate for your energy supply and you are responsible for paying for the energy supplied as part of your normal electricity bill.

Are there any other fees or commitment?

There are no monthly fees whatsoever during the five-year term of this agreement. All the software licences, connection fees and data collection fees are wrapped into a pence per kilowatt charge (including VAT) which we collect from the user at currently 5 pence per KW.

How do I set the fees to charge each user?

In your control panel, you can register your staff as users. You can set the rate this group will be charged per KW and this will be added to our 5ppkw management charge.

Is there any other fine print?

Yes – this offer is for current customers of Smarter Business only and the costs of supply/installation and management are provided free for customers upon the assumption they remain procurement customers for energy during the five-year minimum term which allows us to subsidise this EV offer.

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