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Previously known as GDF Suez, Engie is a French multinational electric utility company, headquartered in La Défense, Courbevoie. Engie was formed in 2008 by the merger of Gaz de France and Suez and can trace its origins to the Universal Suez Canal Company founded in 1858 to construct the Suez Canal.

Engie operates in natural gas, electricity generation and distribution, nuclear and renewable energy. As a nuclear operator, Engie owns and operates seven reactors in Belgium and owns stakes in the Chooz and Tricastin plants in France.


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Facts about Engie

  • Engie has over 150,000 employees in 70 countries.
  • 1,000 researchers and experts at 11 research and development centres.
  • The company has revenues of €66.6 billion.
  • The company is a component of the Euro Stoxx 50 stock market index.
  • Engie is a pioneer in nuclear energy in Europe, developing of the first pressurised water reactor in Belgium.
  • Engie holds a 35% stake in Suez Environnement, a water treatment and waste management company.

Is Engie the right supplier for you?

Engie offers a range of energy supply options and pricing to its business customers. As an energy broker, we take it upon ourselves to understand your energy consumption and needs before conducting a whole of market comparison to find you the best possible energy deal.  

How to switch to Engie

Get in touch with an Smarter Business energy expert from Smarter Business to start the switching process – at no cost to you!

What if I have a problem with my Engie energy supply?

If your Engie energy supply is procured by us, you can come straight to your Smarter Business account manager with any potential issues you may have. As your energy broker, we become your single point of contact for all things energy.


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