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E.ON is one of the ‘Big Six’ energy suppliers, supplying electricity to over 5 million customers. The company is one of the world’s biggest energy companies.

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E.ON customers

E.ON supplies power and gas to domestic, small and medium-sized enterprise and industrial customers across the country.

Become energy-fit with E.ON

E.ON is dedicated to helping customers become more energy efficient through a number of schemes:

  • Encouraging customer to insulate their homes.
  • Earn money back on renewable electricity you generate with a feed-in tariff.
  • The Business EasyGreen plan – E.ON will offset every unit of electricity you use with a unit of electricity generated from a renewable source and supply it back to the national grid.

E.ON are also working to prepare for climate change by helping the UK to become more self-sufficient. The company plans to invest in renewable energy generation, biomass and Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS).

Facts about E.ON

  • Based in Essen, Germany
  • Focus on three strong core businesses—Energy Networks, Customer Solutions, and Renewables
  • 43,000 employees

Is E.ON the right supplier for you?

The only way to find out if E.ON is the right energy supplier for your business is to compare its tariffs and services with those of other energy companies. Not to worry if this sounds like a lot of work – our energy experts will do the hard work for you. We will:

  • Finding out more about your business
  • Researching and compare energy deals
  • Negotiate with suppliers on your behalf
  • Help you switch
  • Assist with your overall energy management.

How to switch to E.ON

Get in touch with a Smarter Business energy expert from Smarter Business to start the switching process.

What if I have a problem with my E.ON energy supply?

When you sign an energy contract with Smarter Business, we become your single point of contact. If you ever have a problem, you can come straight to us and we’ll deal with E.ON on your behalf.

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