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F&S Energy provides half hourly electricity supply, energy contract procurement, wholesale trading, and renewable certificates. The company purchases power from renewable generators throughout the UK.

F&S Energy was founded in 2011 in the City of Chelmsford by industry professionals with a vision to increase competition by taking a fresh and dynamic approach to the electricity industry.

F&S Energy - Smarter Business

F&S customers

F&S sell the power they purchase on to business customers, providing each customer with 100% true renewable power sourced from local generators.

What energy plan durations are available?

F&S Energy offers plans between one and two years.

Is F&S the right supplier for you?

If your company is looking for energy from 100% renewable energy sources, then F&S may be the right supplier for you. However, there are many more factors to consider when choosing an energy supplier, including price, service, types of contracts on offer and more. The only way to find out which supplier and contract best suits your needs is to conduct a whole-of-market comparison to compare the quotes from different energy suppliers.

How to switch to F&S

Once you have chosen F&S as your energy supplier, Smarter Business makes it easy for you to switch. We’ll contact your existing supplier, set up your new energy contract and oversee the switching process from start to finish.

What if I have a problem with my F&S energy supply?

If you’ve procured your F&S energy supply through Smarter Business, we become your first point of contact for all things energy. If you have any questions or hassles, you can reach out to your dedicated Smarter Business account manager who handles your energy account on your behalf.

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