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Gazprom Energy is part of the Gazprom Group, one of the world’s largest energy companies. Gazprom supply gas and electricity to a wide range of UK private and public organisations, from SMEs to large industrial firms.

Gazprom also offers complementary services such as trading, carbon management and power purchase agreements.

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Facts about Gazprom

  • Operate in three countries
  • Offices across Europe
  • Over 350 employees
  • Started supplying gas to business customers in 2006
  • Started supplying electricity in 2009

Gazprom customers

Gazprom supplies energy to over 30,000+ industrial and commercial customers across Europe.

What energy contracts durations are available?

Gazprom energy contracts range from one to five years.

What if I have a problem with my Gazprom energy supply?

When you sign an energy contract through Smarter Business, we become your single point of contact. That means that you can come straight to us if you ever have a problem, and we’ll deal with Gazprom on your behalf.

Is Gazprom the right supplier for you?

We can compare the energy market on your behalf and find out if Gazprom can give your business the best gas and electricity prices.

How to switch to Gazprom?

Get in touch with Smarter Business to start the switching process. We’ll compare the market to find the best business energy deal for your needs, walking you through the entire switching process.

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