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Haven Power

Haven Power is a specialist electricity supplier offering 100% renewable electricity and associated services to UK businesses. The company strives to help businesses to use energy more efficiently, control spending and manage risk.


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Facts about Haven Power

  • 100% renewable electricity.
  • Part of Drax Group, which owns the UK’s largest power station.
  • Supplying 8% of the country’s electricity, Drax is at the forefront of the UK’s move towards a low carbon future.
  • 25,000 business sites converted to renewable power
  • Our renewable energy is saving UK businesses enough CO2e to fill four O2 Arenas.
  • Raised more than £30,000 for charities since 2016.

Haven Power customers

Haven Power’s electricity supply contracts are designed to meet the individual needs of a range of customers, from local and regional enterprises to national corporates.

What energy contracts durations are available?

1-3 years.

What if I have a problem with my Haven Power energy supply?

When you procure your energy through Smarter Business, we become your single point of contact for all your energy needs. This means that you can come straight to us if you experience any issues with your Haven Power energy supply.

Is Haven Power the right supplier for you?

With the UK moving towards a low-carbon future, Haven Power may be the right energy supplier for you. However, there are other options out there. They only way to know is to shop the market and compare energy suppliers. The good news is that Smarter Business will do the hard work for you, comparing suppliers and choosing the best available deal for your business needs.

How to switch to Haven Power

Get in touch with a Smarter Business energy expert to start the switching process. It’s a lot easier than you may think! Using the free services of an energy broker means that we do the work, you do the saving.

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