Surge In Energy Supplier Switches Continues Into October

How to Switch Gas and Electricity Suppliers

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  10. Switch business gas and power the simple way

Want to know how to switch gas and electricity suppliers? You’re not alone… According to industry figures, over 666 000 UK customers switched their supplier in February 2018, an increase of 60% from February 2017.

This means that over a million customers have switched energy suppliers this year. Why the sudden switching? Possible reasons include:

    • The cold weather during this time
    • Recent publicity campaigns
    • Government plans legislation to cap standard variable tariffs before the next winter
    • The increasing competitiveness of the market (20% of February’s switches saw people moving away from the ‘Big Six’ energy firms to smaller suppliers
    • It’s becoming easier to switch (according to the voluntary Energy Switch Guarantee initiative, nine out of ten customers are happy with the switching process)

Your business can save up to 40% on its gas and electricity tariffs. Here’s how to switch gas and electricity suppliers and save.

How to switch gas and electricity supplier

  1. Check if your business is within its contract renewal window period.
  2. Go online, phone, or shop around to get business energy quotes from suppliers.
  3. Compare these business energy quotes and assess which best suits your business’ needs. Remember to include the standing charge in your comparison.
  4. Apply for the new gas and electricity tariff with the new supplier.
  5. Let your current supplier know that you will be switching business energy contracts.
  6. The switch will take effect once your current business energy contract has ended.

How to switch gas and electricity suppliers the simple way

We know that time and resources are precious to SMEs. Whilst potential savings may sound attractive, the process of acquiring and comparing electricity quotes can be confusing and time-consuming. As an independent consultancy, Smarter Business are here to help.

Aside from cost-savings through switching suppliers, Smarter Business can also provide full energy efficiency audits which identify areas of energy usage and reduction to drive down costs and reduce carbon emissions. Contact an energy expert today:

All you’ll need to get a quote is:

  • Your current energy bill (to check your current tariffs and average monthly consumption)
  • Business size and type (you may be eligible for VAT and CLL discounts)
  • Your postcode
  • Gas and Electricity supply numbers

Top tip on how to switch gas and electricity suppliers

You can be placed into a new contract 120 days before the end of your current one, but bear in mind that it can take 28 days to process the change – don’t leave it until the last minute.

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How to change electricity supplier and save

Switch business energy supplier and save – more than ever before, the UK’s evolving energy marketplace and competitive nature provides the opportunity for potential savings. Despite this fact, millions of households and businesses in the UK are paying more than they need to for their gas and electricity, some without even realising that they are on the least cost-effective energy deal available. And although a record number of consumers switched their gas suppliers in 2017 (33%), there was a surprising drop in customers who swapped electricity providers.

Recent research has revealed that loyal Britons are leaving an extra £3.5 billion in the hands of energy suppliers. In households around the UK alone, 60% miss out on an average savings of £290 per year by not shopping around and switching away from Standard Variable Tariffs (SVTs), which are usually the most expensive deal offered by energy suppliers. In businesses with larger energy bills, the scaled potential savings are even higher when they switch business energy supplier and move away from SVTs.

There are over 60 energy companies in the UK alone, which means that competition to provide lower tariffs for the same products is rife. The average SVT of the ‘big six’ energy suppliers is £1 131; and the cheapest deal on the market is £807 – a massive difference of £324 and a clear indication that there are significant savings available for businesses who take the time to shop and switch.

So what stops business from making the business energy supplier switch? Usually, it’s the time and resources required to shop around, compare suppliers and come up with the best solution for the business’ needs. This is where an independent consultancy can step in, taking care of the process and helping you switch business energy supplier the simple way.

At Smarter Business, we know that every business faces the daily challenge of implementing a responsible, cost-effective energy policy. From negotiating with suppliers to implementing data-driven technologies, we have the expertise to strategise on your behalf in order to optimise your portfolio. Contact us today for a no-obligations consultation.

Switch Business Gas and Power to Save Your Business Money

The time is now to switch business gas and power! Energy industry regulator Ofgem recently ran a collective switching trial in which energy customers have saved at least £261. Although the trial tested individual consumers, the same can apply to businesses throughout the UK.

What is collective switching?

Collective switching is when a group of customers swap supplier in one go. The economies of scale enable representatives to negotiate lower prices.

How the trial worked:

  • Approximately one in five agreed to switch providers.
  • Ofgem approached 50,000 people who had typically been on the same variable tariff for six years.
  • The customers received letters showing how much they could save by moving to negotiated collective switch tariff.

What made the trial different to typical supplier switching situations is that customers did not have to provide complex information about their existing tariff in order to see a personalised savings calculation.

The results of the energy switching trial

  • 22.4% switched (this can be compared to a 2.6% switching rate in a trial control group of customers who did not receive any information about the offer.)
  • The customers who switched achieved average savings of about £300

Group switching success

As a result of the successful trial, Ofgem is planning a larger collective switching initiative involving over 200,000 customers in the next few weeks.

What the success of the trial tells us

The results of the trial suggest that when the process of switching is simplified, more people are likely to switch. Many customers on poor value standard tariffs rarely switch because either they think it’s too much hassle, or they may not realise how much they stand to save – or both!

Record number of energy switches in 2017

The UK’s competition authority recently revealed that consumers were collectively losing out on £1.4bn of savings by choosing not to switch suppliers.

However, 2017 saw the highest rates of energy supplier switching for nearly a decade:

  • 18% of consumers switched electricity suppliers
  • 19% of consumers switched their gas suppliers
  • 85 000 consumers switched in July alone – a 16% increase from 2016 figures

Against the backdrop of rising energy prices, consumers are shopping the market for the best deals and this is the primary driving force behind the statistics. A Utility Week survey has revealed that around a third of consumers were switching for the first time. Of those who had not switched, 39% of them said they had no intention to do so.

Commentators have found the figures encouraging. An increased switching rate is a sign that suppliers are addressing consumers’ needs and paves the way for further improvements by suppliers in terms of customer service, innovation, technology, and competitiveness.

However, the market is still divided with only a third of consumers actively switching and it is hoped that this upward trend is indicative of more and more consumers’ awareness around the benefits of switching.

By partnering with Smarter Business, you are teaming up with a group of experts who will ensure you are getting the best energy deals for your business. Contact us today to find out more about how we combine industry knowledge, a broad spectrum of services, and efficient customer service to offer seamless solutions to your business.

Surge in energy supplier switches continued into October 2017

Energy UK has reported that over 600 000 customers switched energy supplier in October 2017, bringing the current total to 4.5 million energy supplier switches. This is the second time this year we have seen monthly numbers in excess of 600 000. The report further shows that 32% moved to small- and mid-tier suppliers, whilst 33% moved to large companies.

Reporting on research showing the satisfaction of nine out of ten consumers in the switching process, Energy UK has posited that an increasing number of customers are finding they have the confidence to move suppliers. Chief Executive of Energy UK, Lawrence Slade, commented on the ease of switching, stating that there has “never been more competition or choice” within the market. Furthermore, the switching statistics do not include the number of customers who have checked tariffs with their existing supplier and benefited from savings.

If you haven’t discussed your energy tariff with your supplier or shopped the market for the best rates, you could be missing out on savings for your business. Join the 600 000 customers across the UK who have seen the advantages of moving suppliers in October.

At Smarter Business, we know that getting quotes and negotiating rates can be a time-consuming hassle for many businesses. We are here to offer our energy procurement expertise to save your business time and money when it comes to energy. Contact us today to find out about how we can help your business.

Switching trend continues into 2018

With an average of 24 000 consumers switching supplier daily in February 2018, the month saw a record-breaking 660 000 customers make the move during the course of the month, according to the latest figures from Energy UK. This is a 60% increase from last year’s figures.

Consumers are clearly making the most of market competitiveness to secure the best deal. This kind of market behaviour contributes to furthered competition between suppliers to provide even better quality price and service.

These figures clearly indicate the necessity of shopping the market for the best price and terms for your energy contract. The reality is, if you haven’t taken the time to conduct a market comparison, your business could be missing out on substantial savings which could be re-allocated to other areas of your business.

A new switching record in April 2019

The switching statistics have been shaken up once again! Over 660,000 customers switched to a new electricity supplier in April 2019, which is now the highest number ever recorded.

According to the latest numbers from Energy UK:

  • 668,371 customers switched energy providers in April 2019
  • This is a massive increase of 34% from the number of switches in April 2018.
  • This brings the total number of electricity switches to over two million in 2019.
  • This is an increase of 18% from the same period in 2018.

These figures undermine warnings that the UK government’s energy price cap would hinder competition. Last year, energy regulator Ofgem claimed the price cap would reduce switching by 30% as prices would converge around the cap.

Consumers confident about the switching process

Consumer confidence in switching is also high. Energy Switch Guarantee (which covers around 90% of the retail energy market) found that eight in ten customers are happy with the switching process.

Chief Executive of Energy UK Lawrence Slade said: “It is very positive to see that record numbers of customers continue to move to a new supplier in search of a better deal and we must remember Ofgem’s figures also show many more each month move to a better deal with their current supplier.

“So, I would encourage everyone to get in touch with their supplier, or have a look online, to see if there is a better deal for them, whether that is on price or the type of tariff you are looking for. And, at a time when we are facing a climate challenge on a global scale, it is important for all of us to look at our energy use and ensure our homes are energy efficient. This is the best way to keep your energy bill down while also reducing your carbon footprint so you can help save money and the planet.”

Switch business gas and power the simple way

When you decide to switch business gas and power, using the services of an energy broker takes the hard work out of energy procurement and management.

Here’s how to switch business energy