Surge In Energy Supplier Switches Continues Into October

How to Switch Gas and Electricity Suppliers

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Want to know how to switch gas and electricity suppliers? You’re not alone… According to industry figures, over 666 000 UK customers switched their gas supplier and/or electricity supplier in February 2018, an increase of 60% from February 2017.  In April 2019, the switching statistics have been shaken up once again! Over 660,000 customers switched to a new electricity supplier in April 2019, which is now the highest number ever recorded. Read more below… 

This means that over a million customers have switched energy suppliers this year. Why the sudden switching? Possible reasons include:

  • The cold weather during this time
  • Recent publicity campaigns
  • Government plans legislation to cap standard variable tariffs before the next winter
  • The increasing competitiveness of the market (20% of February’s switches saw people moving away from the ‘Big Six’ energy firms to smaller suppliers
  • It’s becoming easier to switch (according to the voluntary Energy Switch Guarantee initiative, nine out of ten customers are happy with the switching process)

Your business can save up to 40% on its gas and electricity tariffs. Here’s how to switch gas and electricity suppliers and save.