Surge In Energy Supplier Switches Continues Into October

How to Switch Gas and Electricity Suppliers

Want to know how to switch gas and electricity suppliers? You’re not alone… According to industry figures, over 666 000 UK customers switched their supplier in February this year, an increase of 60% from February 2017.

This means that over a million customers have switched energy suppliers this year. Why the sudden switching? Possible reasons include:

  • The cold weather during this time
  • Recent publicity campaigns
  • Government plans legislation to cap standard variable tariffs before the next winter
  • The increasing competitiveness of the market (20% of February’s switches saw people moving away from the ‘Big Six’ energy firms to smaller suppliers
  • It’s becoming easier to switch (according to the voluntary Energy Switch Guarantee initiative, nine out of ten customers are happy with the switching process)

Your business can save up to 40% on its gas and electricity tariffs. Here’s how to switch gas and electricity suppliers and save.

How to switch gas and electricity supplier

  1. Check if your business is within its contract renewal window period.
  2. Go online, phone, or shop around to get business energy quotes from suppliers.
  3. Compare these business energy quotes and assess which best suits your business’ needs. Remember to include the standing charge in your comparison.
  4. Apply for the new gas and electricity tariff with the new supplier.
  5. Lety your current supplier know that you will be switching business energy contracts.
  6. The switch will take effect once your current business energy contract has ended.

How to switch gas and electricity suppliers the simple way

We know that time and resources are precious to SMEs. Whilst potential savings may sound attractive, the process of acquiring and comparing electricity quotes can be confusing and time-consuming. As an independent consultancy, Smarter Business are here to help.

Aside from cost-savings through switching suppliers, Smarter Business can also provide full energy efficiency audits which identify areas of energy usage and reduction to drive down costs and reduce carbon emissions. Contact an energy expert today:

All you’ll need to get a quote is:

  • Your current energy bill (to check your current tariffs and average monthly consumption)
  • Business size and type (you may be eligible for VAT and CLL discounts)
  • Your postcode
  • Gas and Electricity supply numbers

Top tip on how to switch gas and electricity suppliers

You can be placed into a new contract 120 days before the end of your current one, but bear in mind that it can take 28 days to process the change – don’t leave it until the last minute.

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