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Invoice Validation

Helping your business save an average of 3% – 5% of overspend due to inaccurate bills with smarter invoice validation…
Your commercial enterprise could be paying 3 to 5% more than it’s supposed to for utilities each year, amounting to potentially serious unnecessary losses to your business. Instances of tariff errors and overcharging are well-documented, making invoice validation a critical part of your energy management strategy.

At Smarter Business, we believe the entire supply chain needs to be interrogated for accuracy to ensure each charge has been correctly allocated. In checking your invoices against contract rates, validating meter charges, analysing standing charges, and conducting on-going monthly validation, you guarantee your business only pays what it is contracted to pay.

Invoice validation is a vital tool in any energy strategy

Invoice validation is central to an effective energy strategy. Let Smarter Business help your business by conducting thorough invoice validation services on your behalf. If you have overspent over the course of the past six years, we will help you reclaim these amounts. Once your actual usage, value, and price have been determined, you will be able to make better use of our reporting services, revealing areas of further potential savings on your utilities.

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