Metering Solutions

We aim to design and install a sub-metering solution that is right for your business, considering the cost versus the benefits.

Install your new metering solutions effortlessly and cost-effectively.

The cornerstone of efficient energy practices: understanding and monitoring your business’s usage. This can be achieved through smart metering solutions.

No matter the size of your business, it is a given that utilising technologies gives your business the upper hand when it comes to strategic planning and utilities management. Whether you’re moving premises, expanding, or refurbishing your existing premises, Smarter Business offers metering solutions to meet your business’s individual needs.

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Why use Smarter Business metering solutions?

By partnering with Smarter Business to meet the needs of your new meter installation, your dedicated account manager will walk you through the process as a single point of reference from initial enquiry to finalisation. As a result, we will offer comprehensive solutions for your new meter installations and supply connections for energy and gas.

Our metering specialists will ensure that your meters register the correct quantity of electricity and gas consumed, as per national regulation.

Contact Smarter Business today for your no-obligation quote and a hassle-free end-to-end contract management and energy service.

Sub-Metering Solutions

To meet your compliance needs, sub-metering solutions simplify your tenant arrangements and, according to Carbon Trust, is the best technology investment a business can make.

A fully-fledged gas and energy service for office park owners and landlords of multi-tenant premises would be incomplete without sub-metering. To re-bill accurately and assess where energy and gas is being used in your building, sub-metering has now become a mandatory tool for landlords.

A cost-effective solution for your rental invoicing

Providing affordable, effective sub-metering, Smarter Business takes the guesswork out of your rental invoicing and offers compliant solutions to fairly allocate utility costs to each tenant. Not only does this help you operate with optimal efficiency and professionalism, but it provides an opportunity to encourage energy saving and avoid penalties.

Smart business is made easy through sub-metering. Contact Smarter Business today to find out more about this simple and effective technology.