Openview Energy Procurement UK

Openview: Energy Procurement UK at Your Fingertips

Energy procurement UK has a new face, and it’s called Openview. Exclusive to Smarter Business customers who consume over 200,000kWh per year, Openview’s procurement technology that is changing the corporate energy solutions game.

What is Openview?

Openview is the most advanced energy management platform in the marketplace. The platform gives you a breakdown of all commercial energy costs for current and future contracts on a daily basis. This empowers you to take advantage of favourable conditions in the energy markets and save money on energy procurement UK.

Complete control of your energy contracts

Openview provides a completely web-based energy platform that keeps you in control of all your energy contracts, site information, non-energy costs, and, most importantly, your future energy contract prices.

Our larger clients control and manage their portfolio, contracts, budgets, targets and risk positions through Openview. With constant live forecasting of future contract pricing, together with the transparency of all contract costs, they don’t need to go through lengthy discussions to understand their contract positions.

The benefits of a platform with true price transparency

Openview is the only platform that allows suppliers to view each other’s bids. This reverse auction technology which allows suppliers to re-submit their contract prices based on where their final cost to serve sits in the recommendation table. The result is much greater competition, which means that your businesses gets the best price outcome aligned with your needs.

Other capabilities of Openview include:

Invoice Validation

We can provide our clients with an invoice validation service to ensure the accuracy of their suppliers’ billing, together with a query resolution service.

Portfolio Management

We manage your energy metering assets with all the relevant technical and usage information together with existing supplier contract details. Linking through to the supplier network helps to automate any changes such as site closure, meter change or change of tenancy.

Data Management

Our data management capability empowers the user to delve into energy management from both a usage and cost perspective by detailing each price component together with the timing of consumption. The ability to break down your usage by department or site enables you to identify points of high or unusual consumption, which in turn helps drive efficiency opportunities.

Energy Audits

Our team of certified energy auditors conduct a full energy audit of your commercial premises. Post-audit, we will advise you on what steps you need to take to enable energy savings within your business.

Carbon Management

At Smarter Business we have the capability of managing your legislative carbon compliance requirements; whether that is reporting against your carbon reduction commitment, greenhouse gas emissions, the implementation of ESOS, energy audits (DEC’s / EPC’s) or helping to apply or maintain Climate Change Agreements.

Why use Openview for energy procurement UK?

We have tailored our services towards the larger energy user by using leading-edge technology to deliver best practice. The ultimate aim is to help our customers buy better, manage appropriately and reduce energy usage where possible.

Driving prices down

Through Openview’s capability of keeping your portfolio completely up to date, tendering with the supplier market has never been easier for both you and the supplier. This results in greater supplier participation and thus drives down prices.

Real-time forecasting

Delivers an overview of your company, portfolio, site data, tenders, market intelligence, fixed and flexible procurement, risk management and forecasting in real time.

Quotes and tenders

You get a real-team price e-auction for energy. This gives you full granularity per site on commodity cost and non-commodity breakdown, supplier selection and multiple within day bids.

Other benefits of Openview energy management and procurement include:

  • Transparent and accurate assessment of tenders from over 20 suppliers.
  • Cost forecasting for up to 5 years (including past the contract end date, and accurate NNC forecasts).
  • Simple management of multisite portfolios.
  • Regular market updates and information to increase internal knowledge.
  • Invoice validation.
  • Onsite energy trader for flexible contracts.
  • Simple tender negotiation and execution.
  • Accurate cost and consumption comparison.
  • Daily price updates for future contract period.
  • Simplifies the management of all your sites, meters, consumption and utility contracts.
  • Automated change of tenancy or change of ownership process.

Why partner with Smarter Business energy procurement UK?

With Smarter Business, you can be assured that we will provide you with the most up-to-date, cutting-edge technology to engage the diverse wholesale market.

Once we have a clear understanding of your requirements, we will evaluate our findings and recommend an appropriate product or service to help you achieve your goals, together with predetermined pricing ‘trip wires’ to set high and low notifications for action. These then can be implemented within our Openview technology platform alongside our market intelligence and future forecasting model, providing you with the ultimate control and the ability to optimise your site portfolio going forward.

Get in touch with a Smarter Business consultant for more information.