Our Openview energy procurement software is the most advanced energy management platform in the marketplace. This unique utility management platform that gives you complete control over your energy contracts, future energy contract prices, tendering and your site energy management portfolio. Best of all, it’s free to larger Smarter Business customers!

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Exclusive to Smarter Business customers who consume over 200,000kWh per year, Openview is the most advanced energy management platform in the marketplace, giving you complete control over your energy contracts and site portfolio.

The Openview energy procurement software platform enables you to see a breakdown of all commercial energy costs for current and future contracts, on a daily basis. This empowers you to take advantage of favourable conditions in the energy markets and save money on energy procurement.

Why Openview?

Our energy procurement software provides true price transparency at all levels. Openview is the only platform to allow all supplier participants to view each other’s bids. This provides much greater competition and results in the best price outcome aligned with your business needs.

Openview’s energy procurement software was developed to deliver to our clients a cost-effective and streamlined online procurement service which is proving to be the most unique and effective within the energy marketplace.

Whether you wish to have either fixed or flexible energy contracts Openview will give you;

  • Most advanced tender negotiation and execution with all participating energy suppliers.
  • Accurate cost and consumption comparison between your individual sites and against the group.
  • Daily price updates for future contract periods, allowing you to benchmark and set targets for your future energy budget and purchasing requirements.
  • Cost forecasting for up to 5 years (including past the contract end date, and accurate NNC forecasts).
  • Real-time forecasting – an overview of your company, portfolio, site data, tenders, market intelligence, fixed and flexible procurement, risk management and forecasting in real time.
  • Data Management – delve into energy management from both a usage and cost perspective by detailing each price component together with the timing of consumption.
  • Complete management of all your sites, meters, consumption and utility contracts.
  • Invoice validation to ensure the accuracy of suppliers’ billing, together with a query resolution service.
  • Automates change of tenancy or change of ownership process.
  • Stores all site, meter, consumption and contract information in one place.

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