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How to Recover the Millions Firms are Due from Suppliers

An energy consultancy recently highlighted the ‘missing millions’ owed to businesses due to utility billing errors, but have failed to mention a solution in order to tackle this. So how do you get your money back?

Historic Audits

Conducting a thorough, historic utility bill audit going back six years will enable businesses to claim back from suppliers anything they are due. If businesses are not already conducting rigorous bill validation presently, this is definitely an area that should be considered as the savings can be substantial. These savings can also unlock additional investment in energy efficiency, further reducing future bills.

Invoice Validation

It is often complex for businesses to manually undertake proper validation. However, with the use of specialist software and a dedicated resource, businesses can show not only current bill savings but also what they will save going forward by cutting out errors now.

Typically, more billing errors occur with a change of supplier. Although you may have been able to secure a better rate with a new contract, the risk of an error occurring with a new supplier handling your data increases. Historically, issues can also occur when a supplier implements a new billing system, for example, British Gas.

We are identifying errors on a daily basis which means money returned to our customer’s bank accounts and not the suppliers’.

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