Renew Energy Contract Picture of a pen and a contract

Renew Energy Contracts the Simple Way

Love the time it takes to renew energy contracts? Thought not…

If your renewal date is coming up, or if you’re comparing energy contracts for the first time, use our handy infographic to navigate the process and find the best energy deals for your needs.


Renew Energy Contracts - Infographic

When can I renew energy contracts?

You can be placed into a new contract 120 days before the end of your current one. Bear in mind that it can take 28 days to process.

What to look for in a quote

1. Length of the contract

Contracts can range from 1 year – 3 years – fixed rates.

Questions to consider

  • Do you need long-term or short-term security?
  • Are you expecting in major business changes in the next few months/ years?

2. Standing charge

What is a standing charge?

A combination of:

  • Fixed charges associated with providing electricity and gas network services +
  • A share of the supply costs in servicing your account

The standing charge is fixed for your contract term, no matter the amount of energy you are using.


3. Unit price

One of the most important points of comparison is the cost per unit of energy. Make sure that you’re paying as little as possible for each unit, but don’t forget the top energy contract renewal tip! 

Top Tip

Weigh up the standing charge against the unit cost. A lower standing charge can mean a higher unit price!

Leave it to the experts

The team at Smarter Business will monitor your contract end dates and let you know when your energy contract falls within its review period. We will then search the market for the best prices based on your needs, leaving you to focus on what really matters within your business. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation.