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Retailers and Suppliers – Help SMEs Better Understand the Water Market

Over 36 000 businesses have switched water suppliers since the non-household market deregulation in April. More than half of these are low water users –probably SMEs. This is encouraging in the sense that it means big business and smaller enterprises will be benefiting from the open market and will be able to intone on their experiences during these early stages.

The Consumer Council for Water (CC Water) has reported that it has received six times the number of enquiries in comparison with this time last year and 90% of these are SMEs. They have also reported that they have seen some new types of complaints since deregulation; namely not being able to find out about retailers and their tariffs. Off the back of these figures, they have urged retailers and suppliers to assist SMEs in understanding the water market so they can make informed choices going forward.

CC Water has further reported that, although there were some operational issues, there is very little to suggest that any major problems have been encountered in the switching process and that many of these will be waylaid as the market matures. The complaints received by CC Water are largely consistent with previous years with around half relating to billing.

At Smarter Business, we are alive to the fact that SMEs have relatively restricted time to thoroughly explore their options in the open water market. The reality is, if you’re not taking the time to investigate the options, you are likely missing out on valuable cost savings for your business. Contact us today and let our team of experts take the hassle out of comparing rates, renewing contracts, billing, and the switching process.