Introducing Smarterview 

The Easiest Way To Interpret Your Energy Data 

Energy Data monitoring software, powered by Smarter technologies and Orion – The Real-Time Data Network ™. 

Measure and Manage Your Energy Data.

Operational efficiency and carbon reporting is key for every business and the SmarterView platform helps facilitate the reduction of energy costs through real-time energy monitoring and reporting. 

Smarterview Dashboard

Smarterview Features 

View all your data across any connected device. 


Real-Time Consumption Data 

Dashboard Cropped
Input your energy prices to show live energy costs and record historical price fluctuations.
View your real-time operational status. 
Compare consumption against averages over selected time periods.
Configured entirely to your building and business needs.

How Your Data Is Transformed 

Orion, The Real-Time Data Network™, delivers real-time data from sensors and assets.
The applications then process the data into useful information.

Providing accurate data to:

Support net zero carbon.
Drive operational efficiencies.
Prevent billing errors.
Understand consumption trends.
Support real-time load monitoring and balancing
Provide evidence for government incentives, certification and reporting (GRES, ISO 50001, RECS, etc.).
Compare multiple sites.
SmarterView computer images

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The future of Utilities Management is here; visualise and record your consumption in real-time, across your entire facility or estate.

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