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Switch Business Energy Supplier and Save

Switch business energy supplier and save – more than ever before, the UK’s evolving energy marketplace and competitive nature provides the opportunity for potential savings. Despite this fact, millions of households and businesses in the UK are paying more than they need to for their gas and electricity, some without even realising that they are on the least cost-effective energy deal available. And although a record number of consumers switched their gas suppliers in 2017 (33%), there was a surprising drop in customers who swapped electricity providers.

Recent research has revealed that loyal Britons are leaving an extra £3.5 billion in the hands of energy suppliers. In households around the UK alone, 60% miss out on an average savings of £290 per year by not shopping around and switching away from Standard Variable Tariffs (SVTs), which are usually the most expensive deal offered by energy suppliers. In businesses with larger energy bills, the scaled potential savings are even higher when they switch business energy supplier and move away from SVTs.

There are over 60 energy companies in the UK alone, which means that competition to provide lower tariffs for the same products is rife. The average SVT of the ‘big six’ energy suppliers is £1 131; and the cheapest deal on the market is £807 – a massive difference of £324 and a clear indication that there are significant savings available for businesses who take the time to shop and switch.

So what stops business from making the business energy supplier switch? Usually, it’s the time and resources required to shop around, compare suppliers and come up with the best solution for the business’ needs. This is where an independent consultancy can step in, taking care of the process and helping you switch business energy supplier the simple way.

At Smarter Business, we know that every business faces the daily challenge of implementing a responsible, cost-effective energy policy. From negotiating with suppliers to implementing data-driven technologies, we have the expertise to strategise on your behalf in order to optimise your portfolio. Contact us today for a no-obligations consultation.