In this financial climate, every penny saved makes a difference. Business owners are having to find ways to improve cash flow and cut down on overheads. Many are wondering: how does a smart meter save money? 

An oftenoverlooked factor – but one that should be high on your list of priorities – is how your business estimates and understands its energy costs, and how well you understand how your energy is used.  

Traditional metering solutions make this difficult. Estimated bills giving you little clarity on how your energy is being used, and when.  And taking manual readings is neither practical nor entirely accurate. 

While it can be difficult to know how to cut energy usage, a smart meter is a great place to start. Switching to a smart meter will help you identify areas where energy is being wasted and savings can be made.  

The benefits of smart meters

Smart meters provide you with accurate readings so that you’re only paying for energy that you actually use. They automatically send readings to your provider. In financially trying times, these measures can help you cut down on unnecessary spending, and improve efficiency in your business.  

By making the switch, you get complete visibility over your energy use and costs. This makes it considerably easier to identify what uses the most energy, and at what times.  

Smart meters make reducing your carbon footprint that much easier. When used in combination with a switch to LED lights, more efficient use of equipment, and a better understanding of when power is being wasted, smart meters can signal a significant change in the energy consumption of your business. 

As energy suppliers implement smart meter roll-outs across the United Kingdom, many businesses have seen an improvement in their approach to energy use.  

One such success story is Amaryllis Hair Salon in Cardiff, who have used a smart meter to great effect. They have significantly reduced their energy usage. With better visibility of how they were using their energy, they were able to make better decisions about how they use their equipment. 

As well as being better for the environment, this has undoubtedly saved us a lot of money over time, as we are not needlessly paying for energy to run items that are not in use, business owner Tiffany said. 

If you’re interested in installing a smart meter to save your business money, here’s what you need to know:  

How much do I have to pay for a smart meter? 

Many small businesses can get a smart meter installed at no extra cost. However, this can be dependent on your energy supplier. Here at Smarter Business, we work with 27 trusted suppliers.  We work with your business to find the best smart meter solution.  

If my business is in rented premises, can I still get a smart meter? 

As long as you pay the energy bills, the decision about whether or not to get a smart meter lies in your hands. If your landlord pays your energy bill, consult with them to improve your energy solution.  

How long will I be out of action while a smart meter is being installed? 

Installations take approximately two hours, and are arranged in advance to avoid disruptions to your business.  

At Smarter Business, we offer an end-to-end service for your business energy needs. Whether it is new gas meter installations, new electricity meter installations or supply connections for gas and electricity, we have you covered.  

Our metering solutions include smart meters, and our team of experts would be happy to provide you with a quote on improving your energy solution.