Get a mortgage bridge loan for your commercial property purchase.

Having to pay for VAT on your commercial property purchase can be a pain. If the property is VAT registered, your bill will suddenly go up by a fifth!

A commercial mortgage bridge loan can help you fund the VAT on your property quickly and efficiently.

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VAT on commercial property

VAT is charged on the sale of commercial property. At the completion of the sale, the buyer is liable to pay VAT on the purchase price.
With VAT at 20%, VAT on commercial property can add a significant expense to the purchase price – one that is often overlooked. Borrowers often struggle to secure short-term funding to settle the VAT amount, which is where we come in.

What is a mortgage bridge loan?

Bridging finance is a short-term loan offered to companies to cover the cost of the VAT payable when purchasing a commercial property.

As the name suggests, a VAT bridging loan bridges the gap in funding until you’re able to pay back the loan.

Get a 100% loan on the VAT due on your commercial property purchase.

We can advance up to 100% of the VAT (starting from an amount of £30,000+) due on your property purchase.

Why use a mortgage bridge loan from us?

  • We take over the recovery of VAT from HMRC, leaving you to get on and do what you do best.
  • We can help fully fund your VAT bill.
  • We’ll walk you through the entire process.
  • We offer a total managed solution for the funding and recovery of VAT.
  • Reduce your risk of higher interest rates.
  • Apply quickly and easily online.

How to apply for a mortgage bridge loan

  • Get in touch with a Smarter Business consultant by filling in the form on this page.
  • You’ll fill in a short and simple online application form – it will take only two minutes to complete).

Who can get funding?

  • Single individuals
  • Companies
  • Brokers
  • We can usually get you funding within 7 working days

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