Why your business should overhaul its waste management in 2019

If you have no waste management strategy, this affects your business’s bottom line. Often overlooked as part of the strategic planning process, optimised waste management can result in cash savings and streamlined operations which make you money. As with most business services, this starts with an examination of your existing systems and identifying areas of change. Here are the benefits of working with waste specialists to devise a strategy for waste management in 2019:

The future is green

It’s no secret that our global collective attitudes to the environment are shifting to sustainable, green practices. The reality is that businesses of the future are making environmentally driven changes now and this forward-thinking approach alleviates their impact on the environment and reduces costs.  

It boosts competitiveness

By adjusting your business’s attitude to waste, the boost to your business’s competitiveness is twofold. Firstly, innovative and sustainable waste practices are a compelling marketable point to an increasingly environmentally conscious marketplace. The second is through waste optimisation. Your business waste management strategy is unique to your circumstances and, structured correctly, can unlock savings which can be applied to different areas of your business.

It saves you money

With increasing landfill taxes and the cost of disposal for businesses, waste costs can constitute around 5% of a company’s turnover. With sending waste to landfill more expensive than recycling, optimising this can have a notable effect on business costs – particularly for SMEs.

Meet your legal compliance requirements

Your business has a duty to dispose of its waste responsibly. Understanding the kind of waste you generate, your obligations and the best way to meet them means you can avoid penalties of non-compliance and have peace of mind that your waste is being adequately handled.

Expert waste management in 2019

The waste management specialists at Smarter Business have the expertise to provide waste solutions to your unique requirements. Providing on-going and emergency waste removal services and solutions, contact Smarter Business today to devise a cost-saving strategy for waste management in 2019.