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Yorkshire Gas & Power

Yorkshire Gas & Power (YGP) is a licenced commercial gas and electricity supplier to England, Scotland and Wales that have been operating in the UK since 2009. The company’s vision is to become a serious competitor to the ‘Big 6’ by providing superior customer service and the lowest prices.


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Facts about YGP

YGP customers

YGP is a dedicated business-only supplier with no minimum consumption requirement.

What energy contracts are available?

YGP provide 1, 2 or 3 year fixed price business gas and business electricity supply contracts with the ability to provide common contract end dates. The company also offers flexible and pass-through products for customers willing and able to take more risk on their energy spend. Certain elements of the cost of energy are charged at the pass-through rates, passing on some of the risks to you to attempt to achieve a saving over traditional energy purchasing methods. YGP are also able to supply multiple business sites under one contract and provide highly flexible billing options to meet all your requirements.

Is YGP the right supplier for you?

Your energy prices are subject to a range of variables, such as your consumption habits, region and contract type. Choosing the right supplier for your business involves more than just comparing the quoted energy unit costs with the current unit costs you’re paying. Different suppliers structure their contracts differently, factoring in non-commodity costs, standing charges and more. Getting different options and conducting a whole-of-market comparison can be confusing, which is why many companies – large and small – choose to use the services of an expert energy consultant.

How to switch to YGP

If you’d like to switch to YGP, Smarter Business can oversee the entire process from start to finish. We’ll communicate with your existing supplier, liaise with your new suppliers and ensure that your energy switch is carried out as seamlessly as possible.

What if I have a problem with my YGP energy supply?

With Smarter Business as your expert energy consultant, we are your first point of contact for all energy-related queries or complaints. Your dedicated account manager is on-hand as a go-between between you and your supplier and will ensure that your issues are resolved promptly and to your satisfaction.

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