Business electricity rates can become a major expense for energy-intensive operations. Such was the case for Essex County Laundry, a commercial laundry service provider to luxury spas and hotels.

Essex County Laundry contacted Smarter Business after a dispute with their gas supplier. They had been overcharged as a result of one of their meters being billed incorrectly. The energy experts at Smarter Business were able to quickly validate Essex County Laundry’s bills and renegotiate their energy contracts.

As a result of engaging our comprehensive energy services and re-negotiated business electricity rates, Essex County Laundry was able to save £900,000.

Essex County Laundry Managing Director, James Lincoln:

“Smarter Business engaged with us to understand our business and energy requirements, enabling a contract to be structured which provides ongoing savings. Their expertise in managing and tendering contracts also enabled us to enter into a new trading arrangement. This enabled better use of the wholesale market, which resulted in significant savings of around £900,000 between 2013 and 2017. They re-tendered with other suppliers that better suited our needs. They also validated our invoices on a monthly basis. To date, they have found errors in billing amounting to £34,000, which they managed to claim back for us.”

These business energy savings are just the short-term starting point. We are now looking at longer-term monitoring, targeting and reporting to drive down Essex County Laundry’s peak period energy costs.

Go bespoke and save on business electricity rates

Smarter Business was able to help Essex County Laundry benefit from better business electricity rates by ensuring that their energy contract was suited to their business needs.

Every business has unique energy requirements, but taking the time to work out a company-specific energy strategy is often overlooked or under-managed by busy executives and managers. This is why it pays to partner with an expert energy broker. Electricity brokers can use their industry expertise to assess your past payments and procure the best future contracts for your needs.

Want to save on your business electricity rates?

By shopping the marketing and negotiating with suppliers on your behalf, Smarter Business can help you realise business electricity rates savings of up to 40%! Contact us today to speak to one of our energy specialists.