Liberty Church Wirral

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annual savings


Liberty Church Wirral (LCS) is an independent church founded in 1923 and which two years later became one of Assembly of God’s first registered churches.

LCS, who pride themselves on being a relevant 21st-century church, asked Smarter Business to remove five unused electricity meters.


The church’s previous energy supplier had installed seven electricity meters on the premises, which resulted in LCS paying high standing charges on each, despite some being completely unused.

In order to cut costs, the church asked its supplier to remove the meters that were not in use, a request which was refused. At that point, LCS called in our help.

Providing them with a dedicated account manager and excellent customer service, we were not only able to remove the five unused electricity meters at no cost but also to install a new gas meter.

Furthermore, we arranged for smart meters to be installed, so the client could properly track its energy consumption.

The trustees are delighted at the service received. You managed to untangle the mess of our electric installations and, against all odds, you found a supplier that suits our needs. The gas installation was a miracle! We could not have achieved this without you.

Iain Ogilvie, Senior Minister, Liberty Church Wirral



annual savings


By re-organising the church’s meters and installing smart meters, we were able to streamline Liberty Church Wirral’s energy portfolio and allow for effective energy management.